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The Marketing Plan

How We Plan To Market Your Property

At Harcourts Cornerstone, we believe that the way a property is marketed is crucial for a speedy, correctly priced sale.  We have, as a team, researched the options and responses thoroughly.  We believe we have arrived at the best possible marketing combination to give our sellers and buyers the advantage in reaching a successful conclusion to this process.


The first step is to create awareness of the property.  We have a multi-pronged approach to this:

·         Harcourts Cornerstone has chosen to use the “PROPERTY JUNCTION” weekly publication for the main thrust of our weekly advertising. One of the powerful advantages of the Property Junction is their website that displays all properties advertised in the publication every week. 

·         Secondly, more and more potential buyers are accessing information on the internet. Harcourts, as a group, take advantage of this powerful tool through use of an in-house web-based property listing tool, H1, which is linked directly to our state-of-the-art national and individual websites. 

·         Exposure on these websites has proven to be an essential marketing tool, giving you the best electronic advantage.

 Advertising will focus on the special nature of your property, and the unique benefits it offers to a potential purchaser, and your input and suggestions will be valued in this regard..

Our second step is to spend time in research to ascertain exactly who our target market is and then design a marketing plan that will reach our market effectively and efficiently.

This would include:

·         Press advertising

·         Knock and drops

·         Robot drops

·         Flyers

·         Posters

All the above is done at our expense and risk.


Thirdly, showhouses are an integral part of the strategy of both the Harcourts Group and Harcourts Cornerstone. Buyers are free to wander through and take their time. Harcourts Cornerstone maximises the effect of these days with quality flyers and signs directing buyers to the property. Security is also strictly maintained with a full log of all who attend the show day.

All the visitors to your home will be followed up for their comments. These will be relayed to you in a comprehensive report-back.

Once sales documentation had been signed, we would:

*         Process the sale,

*        Obtain the necessary documentation from the buyers,

*         Organise the finance 

* Submit the completed documentation to the Transferring Attorneys and

* Finally, stay in touch with buyers and sellers until we reach a successful conclusion to your transaction.


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