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Maximising Your Chance Of A Successful Sale

There are 3 accepted methods of sale available to you.

Open Mandate

In this instance, you give the opportunity to sell your property to all the agents operating in the East London area.  Because the property is on everyone’s books, no one company takes responsibility.  Seldom do companies want to spend their advertising budget on something that they might sell.  Often there is confusion as to price or buyers seeing the property twice through two different companies.  This in turn can result in the Seller being involved in a commission dispute.

 This method can have a relatively low success rate in the crucial first 4 weeks of marketing, because often the home is priced above the market value.  A sale is usually achieved after a number of price reductions and a protracted selling period.

 When you are everyone’s listing, you are no-one’s responsibility.

Harcourts Exclusive Listing

When Harcourts Cornerstone takes on the moral obligation of an Exclusive Listing / Sole Mandate, we pledge to our Sellers superior service in all aspects of the sale.  The Harcourts Promise is our guarantee to you of service excellence, and we keep you informed every step of the way.  We advertise our Exclusive Listings / Sole Mandates ahead of any other type of listing.


Institute Listing Services

A multiple listing system which allows you to list your property with the agent of your choice whilst still enjoying the benefits of exposing your property to many buyers through other real estate companies.  Harcourts Cornerstone would still have some control over what happens to your sale process and this is usually the second step for our Sole Mandate listings if they have not sold.