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Appeal To The Senses

It's The Small Things That Count

Appeal To The Senses

·         A general spring clean will freshen the look and the air.

·         Turn on sufficient lights when inspections are being held to compensate for any dark areas.

·         Use odour neutralisers to dispel cigarette or animal smells.  The delicious aroma of brewing coffee or freshly baked bread will convey the impression that you enjoy your property.

·         Bathrooms should be gleaming.  Repair any broken tiles and reseal around the bath and basin if necessary.  A dish of scented potpourri or soaps add a nice touch.

·         Place freshly cut flowers throughout your property.

·         Interesting knick-knacks, books or artwork in feature areas around your property can encourage visitors to linger.

·         Turn the radio or TV off, maybe in favour of a restful CD.

·         Make sure the temperature inside is comfortable – even light the fire in winter.


It’s the little things that count

Attend to any small maintenance jobs such as sticking doors or windows, dripping taps, squeaking hinges, loose door handles, blown light bulbs or faulty switches.


Create a feeling of spaciousness

·         Ensure your kitchen is spotless, the working areas are uncluttered with tidy cupboards and pantry.

·         Make sure wardrobes are tidy – they’ll look larger.

·         Mirrors in smaller rooms can convey the feeling of more space.

·         To enlarge room size appearance, perhaps store some furniture and ornaments.



Allow your buyers the time and relaxed atmosphere to become emotionally involved in your property by leaving the premises during inspections.  Your consultant will maintain security at all times.