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How We Plan To Market Your Property

All Real Estate markets operate according to supply and demand, and there are three basic kinds of residential markets:

Buyer’s Market
• Lots of homes on the market
• Lots of for sale signs
• Longer than normal sale times
• Prices may be dropping
• Fewer buyers at show days
• Lower volume of sales per month
• Can be difficult to keep good relations between agent and seller
• Less power to negotiate
• Sellers must meet market

Seller’s Market
• Fewer homes for sale
• Less time on the market
• Prices firm – may rise
• More buyers out there
• More sales volume
• Selling may be easy
• Price becomes an issue, not time
• House is a really important ingredient
• Power of negotiation may be with the Seller

Balanced Market
• Market moves at good rate
• Prices stable
• Supply & demand are closely related

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